Wish you Were Here: The Many Faces of Prague

A tram driver taking a break at Stromovka Park

The many faces I’ve seen in Prague can not be summed up in a blog post. The emotions stream out from me, circling my spirit — taking me for a ride. People have come and go, touching my life in several different spots, special in their own way.

My time here is coming to an end — an abrupt one at that. I’m trying to hold on for fear that I have not accomplished all that I set out to do. My hands are stretched out in front of me and I’m praying for some sanity. I’ve met some young and I’ve met some new. I’ve seen some cry and I’ve seen plenty more smile. As I’ve built friendships with one or two or three of these people, we’ve made a solid mark in the patchwork of each of our lives — these fragile lives.

You dare to call Czechs cold? I challenge you to see into their hearts. You fill me with your ignorant rants about knowing too much and not seeing enough? I pray you find another ear — one that actually cares.

A dog is a man’s best friend and as I’ve come to find, Czechs take this statement to heart and with true valor they take their canines to the grave. A dog will bring you warmth, making you feel more alive than you thought was possible — teaching you about the underrated things in life.

Man’s best friend

I’ve been the tourist and I’ve been the scholar. I’ve taken the cheesy tours and I’ve been granted the pure local experience. Tears of joy filled my face — grateful and overwhelmed with the ethereal feeling of such a location. My tears have caused me pain — anger and confusion over the twisted ways in which the world works.

The vibrant children of Prague have knocked on my door, opening up a series of opportunities, leading to a tenderness in my heart. One that I could not understand. Their youthful spirit, rambunctious nature, oh, and their innocent eyes. Burning into my insides, they brought me back, away from the jaded persona I was helplessly falling into.

Young child playing on a toy bike

The people of Prague genuinely freed my mind from the oblivion it was so used to. A culture different from my own, but still, so wonderful. We take our past with us everywhere we go, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Shifting vessels of time — we are not defined by the things we’ve accomplished in the past, but by the actions that will see us through to the very end.

Our wonderful program coordinator, Jarka

This experience was life changing as much as it was heartbreaking. We will go home one person short, but a handful richer. Our hearts — alive

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