Pre-Prague Adventures


To preface this, I’d just like everyone to know that I had absolutely no idea how expensive London would be. More so, I had no idea I’d be staying in the swanky part of town. AKA $1 million homes and a palace less than a mile away.

Hyde Park

My temporary home

From the minute I stepped into Heathrow airport, my heart was pounding. It’s been my philosophy that no one has worse luck than me and while I know I’m just being a brat, sometimes I really surprise myself.

Several mishaps attempted to damper my visit to London and I’ll be honest with you, friends, I’m not as tough as I pretend to be. Unnecessary money was spent and cherished items were lost — yeah, I cried. Who wouldnt? The important part here is that I learned to take all this with a grain of salt. So that’s that.

Aside from being EXPENSIVE AS HECK, London is also breathtakingly gorgeous. (as if you didn’t know I was going to say that)

London Eye at sunset

Frankly, photos can’t even express the beauty, but they can surely try.

Oh, and YES, I did stay in a HOSTEL! but no, I did not experience any gory- blood baths! The experience was unlike anything I’ve ever come across in my life. I’d recommend a hostel to anyone who really wants to experience other cultures. In a matter of days I had met people from Australia, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain and so on. And of course, I did meet some “brits”

On a side note: English people fascinate me. I can’t get over how similar yet how different they are to the U.S.

Let me show you some words I found interesting:

Chips- fries

Crisps- chips

Queue- waiting line

Till- cash register

Give way- yield

Toilets– restrooms

Rubbish- trash

Tube- subway

I know there are many more but I’m blanking right now.

Upward view of the Waterloo Bridge

This is just an appetizer to what my blog will consist of. But I will warn you, I am kind of a jerk/hipster when it comes to tourist-y things as well as tourist-y photos. If you’re looking for a simple, “here’s what it’s like”, view into anything, I’m not your girl. On our last day in London I was basically forced (although I’m glad I was) to do all the tourist-like things in London.

Big Ben- the clock tower

I do apologize for this post. It appears I am not as FOCUSED as I need to be and it also appears to me that it’s better to right as you go as opposed to ATTEMPTING to sum up 5 amazing days into one large post.

I promise- Prague posts will be so much better.

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